Republicans Playing Politics with Culture and Voters

Sioux Falls — The recent decision by Attorney General Marty Jackley to not file charges over allegations that food was inappropriately provided at election events confirms that these allegations were part of partisan games instigated by the South Dakota Republican Party.

The events planned and carried out by the South Dakota Democratic Party were in coordination with local Native American candidates and County Parties. The actions of the South Dakota GOP were an obvious attempt to derail outreach on the Reservations.

The politics played by the South Dakota Republican Party disrespected a cultural tradition of breaking bread together and distracted voters from lack of solutions and policy coming from the GOP.

“If anything is ethically wrong in this investigation, it is the Republican practice of spreading lies and evoking fears and then waiting until November 3 to disprove them” South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Erin McCarrick said. “While we’re glad to hear that no charges will be filed, we were confident we did nothing wrong and we think South Dakota deserves better than the partisan games and mistruths that the Republican Party are giving us.”

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