Republicans Recycle Party Faithful and Add Family Members

SIOUX FALLS – Governor-elect Daugaard announced the main players in his new administration this morning. Many of the names will be familiar to South Dakotans. Daugaard has recycled many members of Governor Round’s administration, appointed Dusty Johnson as Chief of Staff and appointed his son-in-law to a position within the tightest ring of the administration.

South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Erin McCarrick said, “Cronyism and no-bid contracts for buddies of the Governor were status quo with the Rounds administration. It looks like we’re getting 4 more years of the same with Daugaard with the addition of nepotism.”

Voters may also be bothered that they voted for Dusty Johnson to continue in his role as a member of the PUC and now our Commissioner will be at the discretion of the Governor. Lt. Governor Michels will serve within this new administration as the person to implement health coverage reform.

McCarrick added, “Voters on Nov. 2 did not know the rolls of Michels or the plan to put Johnson in the role of Chief of Staff. Daugaard is implementing his staff just like he ran his campaign – with no plans or transparency. He blindsided us with his Lt Gov being full time and took away our elected PUC member. How will the addition off all these new positions cut down on the administration budget. Daugaard needs to have more accountability to South Dakota and tell us how he’s going to fix the budget and create jobs for our state, not which friends get new jobs.”

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