Democrats React to Thune and Noem at Conservative Conference

Representative Noem and Senator John Thune put the interests of conservative ideologues ahead of South Dakotans by speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), says Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Senator John Thune and Representative Noem join Tea Party activists, including Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Political commentator Ann Coulter, and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, to speak at this year’s conference.

Senator John Thune is slated to speak Friday, at 12:30pm CST, and Representative Kristi Noem was scheduled to speak today at 10:15am CST.

Founded in 1973, the Conservative Political Action Conference hosts conservative activists and elected officials to promote conservative values and unity.

Nesselhuf called on Representative Noem and Senator Thune to put South Dakota ahead of ideology and personal ambition.

“Our Republican delegation has proven once again that they care more about their own political aspirations than the needs of families in South Dakota. CPAC hosts the most conservative elements of the Republican Party, which demand an unforgiving loyalty from its candidates. We need legislators that put South Dakota first.”

In a straw poll at last year’s 2010 conference, the CPAC chose libertarian Rep. Ron Paul – arguably the Godfather of the Tea Party – as top nominee for the Presidential election of 2012.

Nesselhuf said that Representative Noem and Senator Thune shut out the voices of many South Dakotans looking for sensible solutions by agreeing to speak at a conference of conservative ideologues.

“Speaking at CPAC tells South Dakotans there’s only one answer to every complex problem in society – and that’s the answer demanded by the most radical elements of the Republican Party. That’s not responsible governance; that’s rigid, political orthodoxy. And South Dakotans have had enough of that.”

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