House Kills Bill to Impede Voting

The rights of South Dakota’s voters stood above the overbearing will of Senate Republicans today, says Senator Angie Buhl (D-Sioux Falls).

“Republicans have been trying to make it more difficult for South Dakotans to vote, and they succeeded by passing SB 88 in the Senate in January. I’m glad the House had the better sense to kill this bill today,” Senator Buhl said.

South Dakota Senate Bill 88, sponsored by Senator Bob Gray (R-Pierre), makes false accusations of voter bribery. Its ramifications would have restricted the ability of South Dakotans to vote. The bill was voted down in South Dakota House of Representatives this morning.

“Since there hasn’t been a single proven case of voter bribery in South Dakota, this bill was completely unnecessary, and the House committee recognized that. I hope now we can focus on actual problems that face our state, including saving education and Medicaid from drastic 10% cuts,” Buhl concluded.

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