Killing Doctors is Unjustifiable

Republican Legislators in South Dakota want to allow for the lawful killing of health care professionals who provide reproductive services to women.

South Dakota House Bill (HB) 1171, sponsored by State Representative Jensen (R-Rapid City), targets anyone who provides reproductive services of any kind, including among others, doctors, nurses, counselors, pharmacists, and volunteers. Yes, this irrational piece of legislation means that if you follow the law, in South Dakota, you could be killed for it. And look out, because these legislators also want to require everyone in the state over the age of 21 to carry a firearm as a means of protesting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Here’s South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman, Ben Nesselhuf, on the situation:

“HB 1171 is a reprehensible piece of legislation, and its sponsors should be ashamed. Twice the voters have spoken on reproductive rights, and twice they’ve voted in support of a woman’s right to choose.  Good people can disagree on the issue of abortion; however we should all be able to agree that this bill goes too far.  It’s time to focus on fixing the budget deficit.”

The South Dakota Democratic Party is committed to making sure South Dakota works for all of South Dakota.  That includes electing Democrats to all levels of public office and stopping the nonsense in Pierre.

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