Protecting Veterans Is Necessary

In yet another display of their ‘real’ priorities, SD Senate Republicans question whether a bill protecting veterans from discrimination is necessary.

Three words: Yes It Is.

South Dakota Senate Bill 161, sponsored by Senator Angie Buhl (D-Sioux Falls), would have clarified existing non-discrimination statutes in South Dakota to include consideration of veterans and military status.  By a vote of 9 to 25, Senate Republicans killed the bill and decided it would be better to jeopardize the rights of veterans in South Dakota.

Two words: What the…

South Dakota Democratic Chairman, Ben Nesselhuf, thinks someone has some explaining to do.  His conclusion:

“Republicans have gone on assault against veterans in SD – first, in an effort to deprive them off essential services provided by County Veteran Service Officers, and now to deny them equal protection under state law.  Protecting the men and women of South Dakota who bravely serve our country is not only a necessity but a priority. Senate Republicans denied South Dakota’s veterans the dignity this bill affords them.”

One word: 2012.

Here at the South Dakota Democratic Party, we know that our veterans have provided unquestionable support to our country in our times of need. It’s time Republican legislators do the same for our service members in theirs.

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