Does Washington have any leaders?

The courts have ruled Obama Care unconstitutional and until higher courts rule differently, it remains so.

It must still be funded by the tune of $102 billion because the previous Congress said so? If one Congress is allowed to impose its rules or spending habits on the next Congress, why have a new Congress?

The country is bleeding money at the rate of $4 billon a day.  In 2 2 months, the new Congress has managed to cut two days of debt.

I have read U.S. Rep. Kristi  Noem’s justification for not doing what she was sent to Washington to do.  Now the House majority whip is on television telling us a tale of woe: “The president is not leading.” “Democrats did not pass a budget.” “The vice president left the country.” Will someone please lead?

All spending bills must come from the lower house, not the executive. Noem apparently fails to realize current Republican leadership is the same that lost Congress in 2006. If this conduct doesn’t change soon, they and she will lose it again in 2012.

Someone please take a stand and cut the nonessential and unconstitutional spending. Taxpayers are watching.



Hill City

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