Noem has something up her sleeve, it’s just not the interests of SD

This week we’ve been presented with a quandary: Rep. Kristi Noem told the Rapid City Journal that she asked to be on the powerful U.S. House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee, but was denied.


Rep. Noem tells us not to worry because she’s still an experienced farmer/rancher, and is making friends. That got us thinking, are these the same friends she’s been talking to about ethanol?  Because that’s really working out. Perhaps it’s time for a “SD should agree to see other people…” conversation.

Of course, Noem did make the cut for the U.S. House of Representatives’ Education & Labor Committee. (Yes, we said Labor.) Leave No Congresswoman Behind. Oh, wait. Could Noem’s experience on education refer to her years in the South Dakota House of Representatives when she tried to change the legal age for dropping out of high school from 18 to 16 in order to save money? (You know, because high-school dropouts cost waaayyy less money in the long run.) Well, at least we know no wolf will be left behind.

At the end of the day, South Dakota has lost its seat on the U.S. House Agriculture Committeelost its voice in the U.S. House on veterans issues, and must play “Folllow-The-Leader” to Rep. John Boehner’s talking points. Wow, that was some mandate.


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