Letters: Have GOP policies helped nation?

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives has passed a 10-year plan they have designed to address our nation’s mounting debt. Of course, the Republicans’ idea of bettering our nation is to benefit the wealthy while disparaging the powerless.

In the 1950s, the highest federal income tax rate on the wealthy was 91 percent, and now it’s 35 percent. Is our nation better off? Republicans want to lower the rate more.

Years ago, our nation had anti-trust laws to help regulate greed and monopolies. President Reagan weakened or eliminated these laws, which led to more greed. Is our nation better off?

When labor unions were stronger, they benefitted the working class and gave all workers more buying power. Now, our workers are losing jobs, losing wages and losing pensions while corporate CEOs are taking in hundreds of millions of dollars. Do we have a better nation because of it?

There are people who seem to think that they created this planet and are the rightful owners of the fruits thereof. I cannot respect those who prey on the less fortunate to enhance their personal gain. Likewise, I cannot respect those elected officials and others who advocate for the greedy.

More than $696 billion in fiscal 2008, our defense spending is many billions more than other nations. I don’t hear House Republicans stressing a reduction in defense spending.

South Dakota, without a state income tax, is a haven for the wealthy. Also, we have eliminated the estate tax to benefit the wealthy. Yet the majority of those in power in the state, in their arrogance, irresponsibility and foolishness, continue to burden the poor with a disgraceful sales tax on the essentials of life. I cannot respect those who embrace such policy.

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