If Noem throws you off a bridge, Thune will too.

Senator John Thune has announced his intention to vote against South Dakota’s seniors and join Congresswoman Kristi Noem in backing the radical budget proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan to decimate Medicare.

For shame.

Even some Republican Senators have come to their senses – including Sen. Scott Brown – but not Thune.  Never Thune.  What was that slogan he used – “It’s time.”


We think it’s time to stop providing lip service to South Dakotans in an effort to look good for the cameras.

It’s time to stop putting national aspirations ahead of the middle class.

It’s time to move the country forward.

So, buck up Senator Thune and Congresswoman Noem.  Clearly, you still have some learning to do.  As any senior with Medicare will tell you, “Just say ‘No’ to Ryan. Sacrificing seniors is bad for business.”

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