Voters Beware! Noem Really Is Taking Your Medicare.

Congresswoman Noem has a dirty little secret.  While she likes to tell folks back home in South Dakota that she is “protecting” Medicare; in reality, she is working to dismantle the social contract we made with America’s greatest generation.

Noem seems to think that South Dakotans won’t notice when she takes away their health care and replaces it with Corporations-R-Us.  That’s why, here at the South Dakota Democratic Party, we’d like you to join us in telling Noem and her Republican cronies that their War on Seniors must end now.

Turning Medicare into a coupon system protects no one.  It endangers grandparents today and their grandchildren tomorrow.   If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that Medicare in its current form must be protected and strengthened – not replaced with reckless profit reapers.   Case in point: ask someone with Medicare to give it up.

Noem’s War on Seniors teaches us an important lesson.  If we don’t speak up for those that need it most, who then will ever speak for us?   Remember: Don’t let Noem happen to you.

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