We want to take this opportunity to warn all college students.  Your fellow classmate is attempting to use peer pressure with the following twitter post:

Don’t succumb!  While Congresswoman Kristi Noem was being paid $174,000 to be a “Congressional Intern” this past spring, she supported gutting your Pell Grant funding.  She didn’t seem to care that by supporting the radical budget of Rep. Paul Ryan, she will decimate jobs right here in South Dakota.  She even voted to cut funding for flood mitigation programs, the very programs upon which many folks living along the Missouri River now depend.

So remember, just because someone in your class is doing it, doesn’t mean you should follow suit.  It may be hard to believe – but it seems interning in Noem’s office is just downright dangerous for South Dakota’s interests.  Don’t let Noem happen to you.

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