House Bill 1230 Referred To A Statewide Vote

Opponents of a large project development fund say they’ve turned in thousands more signatures than required to get a new law referred to a statewide vote.

House Bill 1230 would set up the Large Project Development Fund. It would use some money from the contractors excise tax to provide incentives for large economic development projects.

Ben Nesselhuf is chair of the South Dakota Democratic Party. He says they needed nearly a 16,000 signatures and this morning, they turned in nearly 23,000.

Nesselhuf says there is a great deal of opposition out there to H-B 1230 and they heard that message in communities across the state.

With that many signatures turned in — it seems a pretty good bet the issue will be on next november’s ballot. He says the next step is to get out there and talk to people about the issue and explain the importance. He says it gives the people 18 months to decide if legislature is taking the proper priorities with the budget.

Nesselhuf says a recent poll indicates 62% of South Dakotans are opposed to the proposal.

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