Kids v. Corporations: We need you!

You’ve heard us talk about efforts to stop the Governor from gutting education and healthcare to pay for corporate giveaways. Here’s why this issue is so important for our Democratic candidates in 2012:

Every South Dakotan who has a kid in school, a young adult in college, a grandparent in a nursing home, or a family member in need suffered huge blows this year. Republicans in Pierre forced all of us to sacrifice while they still found $16 million a year for corporate handouts. In short, Republicans demanded that our kids and seniors shoulder savage cuts so they could give away our tax dollars to large corporations.

South Dakotans put our kids and family first, and our Republican leaders will be held accountable for their misplaced priorities. This is a winning issue. But we need 16,000 signatures to protect our children and seniors. We’ve been gathering signatures across the state to refer HB 1230 to the 2012 general election.

Our deadline to stop the Governor from gutting education and healthcare to pay for corporate giveaways is fast approaching, and with 13,000 signatures secured, we are getting close! But we’re not going to get this on the ballot without a couple big weekends. That’s why we are organizing a statewide Day of Action on Saturday, June 18th from 10am-1pm.

We are planning organized canvasses in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Brookings, Watertown, Mitchell, Yankton, Huron, Vermillion, Spearfish, and Madison.

Your efforts to lead our final push will decide whether we give our legislative candidates one of the most potent issues to run on or whether Republicans beat us again. If you do not live in or close to any of those towns, please help us organize door knocking activities in your home town. Please let us know where we can count on you to step up and show the Republicans that the Democratic Party is still alive and well. We will win or lose based on what we all do together.

The Deadline is Upon Us. Sign Up to Be a Part of Our Final Push.

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  • Travis E

    Is this in addition to another fund that is already in place for this specific reason?