Stand Up for Veterans That Stand Up for Us

Shortly after Congress finally reached agreement on our nation’s debt ceiling, we received news that shocked us all – 30 Americans belonging to the elite Navy SEALS team that killed Osama Bin Laden were shot down in their helicopter by Afghani insurgents, killing all service members on board. This was the deadliest single loss of US troops since the war in Afghanistan began.

It’s easy sometimes to disconnect from the sacrifices our armed service members make day in and day out. These brave soldiers lost their lives in service to our country. Many more service members return home with permanent injuries in need of persistent care. Their sacrifice demands our support.

Learn More about the Disabled American Veterans Department of South Dakota

For all South Dakotans who have served or whose family members served, please take this moment to support local groups that support our troops. Let’s not forget that sacrifice South Dakota soldiers and their families make every day in service to their country.

I’m highlighting the efforts of Disabled American Veterans, which has been building better lives for America’s disabled veterans for over 90 years. Today, there are ways you can stand up for veterans that stand up for us:

In light of recent events, please consider giving your support to the Disabled American Veterans or another local veterans group today.

– Ben

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