We’d Be Scared Too

At long last we agree with the Republicans on something – Kristi Noem is vulnerable in 2012.  So vulnerable in fact, that South Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Tony Post issued a statement criticizing Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for the very same work John Thune did between his terms in office.  The difference: John Thune was a one-man-show raking in six-figures for “The Thune Group” and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s new gig as a Principal is at the well-respected law firm Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC, where Senator George McGovern is a senior policy advisor.

It’s true – Tony Post is new in town; new, even, to South Dakota.  That’s why we urge the SD GOP to cut him a break.  He probably didn’t know all the ins-and-outs of The Thune Group – how it attempted to railroad DM&E projects through Congress (yes, pun intended), its unscrupulous dealings with MetaBank and convicted felon, Dan Nelson, or how odd it looked to have its sole employee still working on behalf of its clients after that employee became a member of Congress. (That folks, is one rabbit hole of a revolving door…)

With someone as bright and talented as Stephanie, and with her experience in among other things, tribal relations and agriculture issues, it is no wonder that she has a lot to bring to the table at OFW law. She sure brought a lot as South Dakota’s voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.

What we wonder is why the SD GOP feels so threatened?  Oh, wait – their candidate is Kristi Noem. Yeah, we’d be scared too.

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