Mitt Romney’s Base = Corporations

Listen up, South Dakota – Romney’s coming for you. Well, not you, specifically—that is, unless you’re a corporation. The truth is this: Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney believes corporations are people.  So much so that he spent the majority of his time in the private sector helping them ship American jobs overseas.

While Romney was ranked 47 out of 50 in job creation during his time as Governor of Massachusetts, he didn’t forget his base. And by base, we mean corporations.  Romney made sure his “people” were taken care of – Bay-Staters, on the other hand, were left to fend for themselves. Bummer.

So while Romney keynotes at the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, remember this: he’s just not that into you. Your corporation on the other hand…

(Yeah, we’re going to vote Democrat in 2012 too.)

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