Noem Cuts Jobs, Grows Collection of Pink Slips

Fact: Kristi Noem will say just about anything to get elected – even if that means sacrificing the jobs she “promised” to protect.

You see, kids, Congresswoman Noem told a tall tale on the campaign trail.  She claimed she would go to DC and save Ellsworth Air Force Base.  What she meant was that if she conned you into believing that she would protect South Dakota, she would work darn hard to continue that lip-service in her tele-town halls.

Today, the Department of Defense announced it will have to cut 389 jobs in South Dakota because of Kristi Noem’s Tea Party and its plan to dismantle America.  (Dear Kristi: We are less than impressed.)

The only job Noem is worried about protecting is her own.  Well, perhaps that of her buddy, Speak Boehner – oh, and Mitt Romney, who gave her a sizable donation last year.  The job Noem is not worried about protecting is yours.  (Our condolences…)

So, as Kristi Noem adds to her collection of pink slips – at South Dakota’s expense – let us not forget why, every day, Noem successfully reminds us that we need someone in Washington working to protect us (you know, even the people who couldn’t pay $1000 for a picture with Boehner).

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