Noem to SD: Donors First, Victims Second.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding. Oh, My! Never fear, Kristi Noem is here! Well, actually, if you’re the victim of a natural disaster – ‘here’ is more of a relative term. You see, Kristi Noem isn’t actually here for you, she’s there, in Rapid City today, for donors to the Pennington County GOP.

South Dakota’s Congresswoman Noem is just more concerned about raising money for Republicans than about helping actual victims of her War on Working Families. And yes, we did just say Noem cares more about being a political puppet than putting people before her political games.

At a time when what we need is job creation, Noem and her fellow U.S. House Leadership cronies are holding hostage a bill that would fund 153 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) projects in South Dakota currently stalled due to the GOP’s albatross.

As Noem said of her leadership post:

The job of a liaison is to sit at the leadership table and tell them what the freshmen think.

Apparently, House Freshmen, including their Freshmen Liaison Kristi Noem, think South Dakota’s disaster victims, job creators, and those on the unemployment rolls deserve nothing less than political grandstanding and devastated communities. Oh, and we forgot to mention – according to Noem and her Washington friends, these folks deserve most of all for their Congresswoman to take vacations in order to fundraise for the next election.

So while Noem champions her ‘Do-Nothing’ leadership agenda, and uses words like ‘tough’ and ‘cut’; we’ll continue to champion everyday South Dakotans and use words like ‘truth’ and ‘jobs’. The fact of the matter is this – Noem can continue to do nothing, but come November 2012, we’re working to make sure it isn’t on behalf of the people of South Dakota.

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