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Thune Goes Washington…Again.

We hate to break this news; but moderation is not the new ‘black’. In fact, as Sen. Lamar Alexander exits his GOP leadership post, and Sen. John Thune clamors for the megaphone, it seems the hottest thing this season is Republican double-speak. (Say What?!)

We remember a day when Thune found leadership objectionable. We also remember the day Thune registered as a lobbyist. Oh, and the day he then served as a member of Congress and a lobbyist on behalf of his old clients.

What we’re not looking forward to is the day Thune steps into this new leadership role and then sells out South Dakota to the highest bidder. It’s been done before – we remember MetaBank too.

So, Sen. Thune – put Kristi Noem’s Tea Party aside, forget your 2014 Presidential Primary, and remember you represent more than Dan Nelson and his Iowa residency at the Federal Prison.

(Actually, whom are we kidding? What has John Thune ever done for South Dakota? Listen up – two words: Vote Democrat. Two more words: In 2012. Four more: Then Again In 2014.)