Confused about Noem’s War On Dust? So is Tinkerbelle.

When Kristi Noem went to Washington, she said she wasn’t interested in how Congress worked. We can tell. Noem has invented a fake issue to advance her fake approach of “helping” South Dakota. It is clear that if you’re one of Noem’s constituents, she’s just not that into you. However, if you’re a particle of dust, well…your Friday night just got exciting.

Rep. Kristi Noem blamed global warming on “astrological forces” while in the South Dakota State House of Representatives. Now that she’s in Congress, she’s using her advanced scientific knowledge to supersede nonexistent decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

HR 1633, the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011, introduced by Noem, seeks to make her look like she’s doing something in DC.

Here’s the thing: making up problems so you can come to the rescue has a name – and it isn’t “productive.” It is, however, down right dangerous.

The bottom line is this: Ms. Noem is scared folks will find out she can’t do her job. So, we’re willing to do her a favor and need your help – let’s send Noem home in 2012.

It seems Noem has a lot of dust on her farm and let’s face it – her dust storm in DC sure isn’t creating jobs in South Dakota. Oh wait, focusing on jobs might require our intern/congresswoman to do actual work…

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