Noem Your Price

Kristi NoemAttention beetles and Tinkerbelles: if you want a seat at the witness table with Rep. Kristi Noem, it’s going to cost you. A lot.

You see, kids – Noem isn’t just content working against South Dakota; she’s insistent on milking every penny out of her War on Working Families.

According to a just released article by the Associated Press:

Twice in the last four months, Republican Rep. Kristi Noem has held or testified at congressional hearings in South Dakota and Washington where the tables were packed with witnesses who between themselves, their employees and their families have given her a total of more than $19,000 in campaign contributions.

It may be that folks are paying Noem to get the microphone. It may also be that thousands of dollars in campaign contributions are helping Noem make up her mind.

In either case, we know one thing for sure – Kristi Noem doesn’t solve problems.  She creates them.  Just ask Tinkerbelle…

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