Top 10 Reasons Kristi Noem Wants Questionable Contributions to Remain Her Dirty Little Secret

10. Credit card bills came due and the money had to come from somewhere.

9. College internships while serving in Congress aren’t free. They even charge for t-shirts.

8. Got to count those pennies for shooting more commercials in Texas against Nancy Pelosi.

7. Bump-its need stuffing too.

6. She’s still hoping for a VP nod from Sarah Palin

5. It might mean John Thune will have to give back Dan Nelson’s dirty money too.

4. Ending Essential Air Service is about to make trips home a lot more expensive

3. Corrupt bankers engaging in illegal activities are people too (Just like corporations).

2. That’s a lot of extra talking points.

1. She already spent the money at Haegle’s Western Wear and Tack.

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