A Special Message from The Grinch

I’m taking a break from my holiday misery-making to send you this message.

So much has happened in Congress this year to make me grin, and Congresswoman Noem has been a big part of it. She has voted to end Medicare as we know it, protect billions in subsidies for Big Oil, and take away pell grants for South Dakota’s college students. The disdain for everyday South Dakotans is right up my mountain cove!

And now, on the eve of Christmas, Kristi Noem has demanded that 500,000 of you lowly, working South Dakotans pay $1000 a year more in taxes. Ohh, I salivate at the plan! No more extra money for winter family vacations, no more shopping for new clothes, no more charitable giving, no more gifts for the grandkids! I can’t wait to see the holiday cheer drain from your faces as the tax hike begins!

That’s why I’m writing this email to thank Kristi Noem for doing her part to kill the spirit of Christmas.

Finding ways to stop that feel-good, charitable nature of Christmas was always my job. Thank you, Kristi Noem, for doing it for me.


The Grinch

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