Governor Presents a ‘Sore Winner’s’ Budget

Chairman’s Note: In case you missed it, Gov. Dennis Daugaard released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2013, and already Republicans are taking credit for the apparent success of last year’s savage cuts. “Today, I was a lot more comfortable being able to say, we were right,” said Senate Majority Leader Russ Olson, R-Wentworth.  “I don’t want to be a sore winner, but we were right.” If Senator Olson wants to be sore winner, he must acknowledge that our students, families in need, and property owners are the losers. They have paid a steep price in fewer educational opportunities, higher property taxes, and less health coverage as a result of the state’s unfulfilled obligations. And that’s just the beginning. You can read more of my thoughts on Daugaard’s budget proposal at the link above.

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