Keepin’ up with the Joneses

Tweeps heard high praise from Governor Daugaard’s son-in-law/Policy and Communications Director Tony Venhuizen today when he highlighted a 50 state ranking of the “Best Run States in America” that shows South Dakota in the top 10 states.

Quite impressive, we thought. Well worthy of an on-the-clock taxpayer financed tweet from one of your public servants. We wondered, well, just how do we stack up against states like us? So we looked at the top 10 ranking and found our neighbors ranked in the following order:

1) Wyoming
2) Nebraska (Seriously? They don’t even have a bicameral legislature!)
3) North Dakota
4) Minnesota
5) Iowa
And at the bottom of the ranking…
10) South Dakota

Tony Venhuizen is right about one thing. Midwestern values do lead to good government. That’s why we just can’t figure out what’s holding South Dakota back compared to our neighbors. Perhaps Mr. Venhuizen could ask his father-in-law…

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  • Ken Atwood

    One word describes why SD has been bringing up the rear for the last 30 years: