You asked for it, You got it!

We recently asked how the SDDP could best provide you with policy information and breaking news during the 2012 legislative session. You overwhelmed us – and our inbox – with feedback on your preferences and great new ideas. Thank you!

After a review of all input received, South Dakota Democrats were most excited about two new communication tools:

  • Bill Status Update. A weekly email message will spotlight what bills are being pushed in Pierre and where the legislation is in the process.
  • Legislative Alerts. The SDDP mail notify you before a significant vote on the issue(s) you’ve identifed as most important to you.

Well, you asked for it, you got it! Starting in January, we’ll launch SDDP Newswire: Legislative Edition, to keep you up to date on session action in Pierre each week. What’s more, we’ll not only closely monitor legislative activity, but promptly send you a brief email alert when there’s important activity related to your issue area.

Make sure you’re in the loop! Update your email preferences to identify your top issues ยป

There are 11 categories to choose from. Select as many as interest you.


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