ACTION ALERT: Oppose Governor’s Education “Deform” Bill

Governor Daugaard just released his education “reform” bill. It offers monumental – and potentially destructive – changes for our schools. Daugaard wants to:

  • End teacher tenure
  • Impose testing-based rankings of teachers, and
  • Institute merit pay for only the top 20% of our educators.

As you can imagine, many Democratic and Republican leaders are deeply concerned about the proposal, and are wondering how we’ll decide who gets bonuses; how we expect to foster collaboration among teachers if we pit them against each other for bonuses; how we recruit and retain teachers for ALL subjects of critical need.

They’re demanding an answer to one important question: How do we fulfill our obligation to fund our schools if our focus is on attacking teachers?

Take action today to put a stop to this legislation. Remind Governor Daugaard that attacking teachers is not a substitute for funding our schools. Remind Governor Daugaard that adequately preparing our workforce starts by adequately funding their education. Remind Governor Daugaard that you stand with our students and educators, and you won’t stand for his questionable education agenda.

Here’s what you can do right now to help:

Email Your Legislator »
Write a Letter to Your Local Paper »

Our students are counting on us. Please take action today.


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