The 2012 Session Begins!

Rep. Bernie HunhoffAs House Democratic Leader in the South Dakota Legislature, I wanted to quickly touch base to let you know that today legislators from across South Dakota are meeting in Pierre to kick off the 2012 Legislative Session. And, we’ve got a big job ahead.

After devastating budget cuts last year, state lawmakers now have an obligation to rebuild our education funding, focus economic development funds on South Dakota businesses and entrepreneurs, and create real accountability through open government databases.

We’ll work tirelessly to accomplish these objectives, but we can’t do this alone. We need you. You can help us shape the debate in Pierre by staying active and informed through an exciting new feature from the South Dakota Democratic Party: Eye on Pierre News Hub.

Follow all the action at the Capitol! Visit the News Hub at:

South Dakota can’t move forward if our neighbors don’t know how some Republicans in Pierre are holding us back. There’s a lot at stake in 2012. You can play your part in improving South Dakota by joining the dialogue.

Together, we can deliver real, two-party government back to South Dakota.


Rep. Bernie Hunhoff

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  • Julia Grauf Tibbetts

    Good luck!