What’s the Point in a Legislature?

“It’s our job as soldiers to hopefully pass legislation supported by the ‘Supreme Being’ of our Republican Party, and that is Gov. Dennis Daugaard.” (Rep. Mark Kirkeby, R-Rapid City)

That’s what Rep. Mark Kirkeby (R-Rapid City) reminded his fellow Republicans after the Tea-Party affiliated Life & Liberty Group published a new legislator report card in which Republican legislators were scored on their adherence to true conservative principles.

Make no mistake – this is what the Republican legislature in South Dakota has come to: complete obedience to their ‘Supreme Being,” Governor Dennis Daugaard. Obedience not to the voters, not the general population, just the Governor.

‘Supreme Being’ sounds about right to anyone who follows the South Dakota Legislature. But that’s just one way to characterize the relationship between the Governor and Republican legislators. So let’s help Rep. Kirkeby and his fellow Republican seat mates in the legislature think of a few more ways to describe this relationship. We’ve got a few here:

  • ‘Puppet Master’
  • ‘Ring Leader’
  • ‘Under One Gov We Rule’

Comment with your ideas! And ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ the other descriptions you like most. We’ll start including the winners as a hashtag in our tweets (e.g. #PuppetMaster) about the South Dakota legislature. That way, we can remind Republican legislators that they are supposed to serve as a check against the executive branch – not a rubber stamp for it.

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