Highway 2012: The Road to Victory.

You’ve probably heard of Senator Tim Johnson. This blog post isn’t about him. (We’ll get back to him in a second.) But it is about folks like Chris Studer in Huron, Jackie Swanson in Rapid City, Jeff Dunn in Watertown, and Angie Buhl in Sioux Falls.

These are just a few of the candidates for the state legislature that Zach Crago, our legislative director, and I are driving to see over the next two weeks in their home districts for you all meet.

We’ll be introducing you all to our legislative candidates by sharing some of their stories and what makes them tick. And while we’re at it, we’ll shed some light on the direct affect Republican policies from Pierre have had in towns across the state.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@SoDakDems) as we hit the road to introduce you all to our legislative candidates. We’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #HWY2012. Experience the enthusiasm of our Democratic candidates and future leaders of our state..

Because, who knows? Maybe one of the candidates you meet on our trip will become a future Democratic US Senator! Wouldn’t be the first time. Just ask Senator Tim Johnson, former state representative from District 17 in Vermillion.

Abby Bischoff
SDDP Data & Design Director

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