We Have a Winner: Matt Varilek!

Matt Varilek.

Get used to seeing that name a lot more often because he’s going to be South Dakota’s Democratic candidate facing off against Congresswoman Kristi Noem in November.

Matt campaigned tirelessly through June to win the Party’s nomination. Take this opportunity to congratulate Matt by joining his campaign.

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A heartfelt congratulations to Jeff Barth on a well-run campaign. Who can forget the incredible YouTube video that helped put this race on the map and the issues that Democrats are fighting for to hold Congresswoman Noem accountable? Instant classic. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Jeff Barth. Thank you for stepping up to the plate for the people of South Dakota.

The November election starts today. We must close ranks behind the South Dakotan that will put our children, our teachers, our family farmers, our senior citizens, and the needs of middle class and working people first. This morning Matt had one clear message to share: it’s time to send Noem home.

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