Noem Bribes City Supporters to Pack Ag Debate

After attending only four of twenty Ag Committee hearings, failing to pass a Farm Bill during a severe drought, and calling the non-partisan host of the State Fair debate unfair, Congresswoman Noem is in hot water with farmers and ranchers across South Dakota.

Maybe that’s why she has to bribe Sioux Falls supporters to attend DakotaFest, the first debate on Wednesday in Mitchell on agricultural issues hosted by South Dakota Corn Growers. From the Siouxland Republican Women:

Bribing city folk to pack the first debate on agricultural issues? Desperate doesn’t even begin to describe it.



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  • nolan

    Desperate? She is the incumbent with a proven advantage in SD, her parties face is not Barack Obama. Stick to the issues and try taking her seat by showcasing your candidate, who cares that she is rallying her fan base through incentivizing people with t-shirts. Its an $8 t-shirt, nobody is supporting her because they get a free shirt.