South Dakota Democrats Launch “Where Is Kristi?” Campaign After Noem Skips Out on State Fair Debate

South Dakota Democrats are making a five-week online ad buy to highlight Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s failure to commit to the State Fair debate in Huron and other public events, including town halls, during her five week vacation.

“Kristi Noem has returned to South Dakota for five weeks, and already she’s denying South Dakotans an opportunity to hear her debate the issues,” said Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party. Refusal from a congressional candidate to debate at the State Fair is unprecedented, Nesselhuf added.

“Noem called public events, like town halls, ‘an important part of her job,’ and she participated in seven debates in 2010. With South Dakota farmers and ranchers waiting for Kristi Noem to pass a Farm Bill among other big issues, Noem has an obligation to host public events, including debates and town halls, for voters across our state.”

Each week of Noem’s congressional vacation, the online ad campaign, titled “Where Is Kristi?” will creatively showcase the big issues Noem is avoiding by refusing to hold debates and town halls. Background information detailing Noem’s stance on issues including the Farm Bill, Medicare, and more will be included.

“South Dakotans want to ask, ‘Where is Kristi?’ – in the state and on the issues,” Nesselhuf says. “Noem has an obligation to explain her positions on the Farm Bill and Medicare, in communities across the state. She can’t continue to deny seniors, working families, and farmers the opportunity to hear Noem debate.”

You can catch the first campaign post on Facebook or follow the entire “Where is Kristi?” campaign on Twitter with the #WhereIsKristi hashtag.

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