Noem’s Inaction Costs South Dakota Nearly 100 Jobs

92 workers received lay off notices today at a wind turbine blade manufacturer in Aberdeen because Congresswoman Noem refuses to corral tea party support for an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy.

The wind Production Tax Credit was first passed in 1992 and has been renewed with strong support from congress members of both parties. Over 500 facilities across the country now manufacture for the wind energy industry, with three manufacturers right here in South Dakota.

But tea party freshmen, led by Congresswoman Noem, are now holding up the progress in wind energy development that Republicans and Democrats have long fought for.

Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, described the news as a sobering consequence of Congresswoman Noem’s inaction.

“92 workers in Aberdeen are losing their job simply because Congresswoman Noem can’t do her job in Washington. The wind Production Tax Credit makes sense for South Dakota. Over 1000 South Dakota jobs in the wind energy industry are at risk. It’s time Noem call out her tea party freshmen and Republican leaders for the good of SOuth Dakota.”

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