Noem’s hypocrisy a disaster

When disaster strikes, we come together. We put aside our differences and we help each other. It’s part of what makes this country great.

Representative Kristi Noem forgot that.

Last night, Noem voted no on the Superstorm Sandy relief bill.

South Dakota is not an island, Representative Noem. Legislators from both sides of the aisle have had the grace and compassion to pass disaster relief bills for 2012’s drought and 2011’s flooding – disasters that hit South Dakota hard.

When you pressured your colleagues to support disaster relief efforts for South Dakotans, they came to our aid. When the tables were turned, you let your fellow Americans down.

We hope your actions haven’t tarnished our reputation, Representative. And hope that the next time South Dakota is in need of some help, that we’re treated better than you’ve treated the families impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

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  • ALS

    Did she release a statement explaining why she voted no?

    • zachcrago

      She sure didn’t!