Gay victim of domestic violence? Tough luck, says Republican legislator & police officer

If you’re gay, you don’t deserve protection against domestic abuse.

That’s what Rep. Dan Kaiser (R-Aberdeen) decided after amending a domestic abuse protection bill to include only people of the opposite sex. An Aberdeen area police offer, Kaiser evidently believes straight couples are worthy of his protection under the law and same sex couples are not.

Kaiser should know better. America holds its deepest roots in equality under the law and justice for all – no matter who you are. With a simple amendment, Kaiser has denied equal protection under the law for the LGBT community and justice for victims of domestic violence.

Help us hold Kaiser accountable to his constituents, the founding ideals of our great country, and our state’s better angels.

Ask your state senator to oppose Rep. Kaiser’s amendment today. They have one more chance to stop this amendment dead in its tracks.

Thank you for doing your part to root out injustice.

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  • Ken Atwood

    S. Dakota and its Republican legislators have kept the state in the Dark Ages for the last 30+ years. This is one of the best examples I’ve seen yet to clean the rats out of Pierre. Sensible people shouldn’t stand for this kind of bias, and God knows this state is FULL of biased, uninformed people.