Seven Reasons to YELL!

Dozens of high schoolers across the state have been applying for our first annual Young Elected Legislative Leaders (YELL) retreat April 5-6 in Pierre. With our April 1st deadline to apply just seven days away, we want to give you (or high schoolers in your family) seven reasons to apply and support YELL:

1) Young voters make up one of the fastest growing shares of the US electorate.

That means the candidates whom young voters support are more likely to become our elected officials, and the issues young voters support are more likely to be included in the platforms candidates adopt for their campaigns.

2) Young voters turned out to vote in 2012 at even higher rates than in 2008.

That means young voters aren’t dropping off just after one election. We are young, voting, and sticking around to vote for many elections to come!

3) Young voters represent President Obama’s strongest base of support, delivering a whopping 23% margin of support in 2012.

That means young people support the progressive agenda President Obama has laid out for our country where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone pays their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.

4) Young voters today are turning out to vote at higher rates than young voters in the 1990s and 1980s!

That means you don’t have to believe the “young apathetic voter” stereotype.

5) When young people vote, they are more likely to continue voting as they get older.

That means the young people voting today are going to remain a tour-de-force for years and years to come.

6) When young people vote for Democrats, they are more likely to continue voting for Democrats their entire lives.

That means young people voting today are going to continue representing a strong base of support for Democrats now and long into the future.

7) Young voters are more diverse, more inclusive, more innovative, and more civic minded, and they demand the same from their government. 

That means young people represent the very principles Democrats espouse. Working together, young people and Democrats of all age are going to get the government they demand.

Do you support Democratic efforts for youth engagement? Here are a few things you can do today to follow and support Young Elected Legislative Leader:

LIKE us on Facebook at

APPLY today at if you’re a high schooler and want to meet young Democratic leaders in Pierre.

INVITE more high schoolers by forwarding them a link to
CONTRIBUTE $100, $50, $20, $5 or whatever you can afford to support your Young Elected Legislative Leader at

Together, we truly can move South Dakota forward – one young leader at a time.

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