What does George McGovern mean to you?

What does George McGovern mean to you?

It’s a question we’ve been reflecting on a lot lately as we approach our first McGovern Day on Saturday, April 20, without our beloved Senator.

Here are a few responses from SDDP staff. Will you add yours to the comments section of this blog?

Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman: George is one of the few people who arguably used the US Senate as a launching pad for greater humanitarian efforts. After he left the Senate he accomplished so much to cure hunger around the world. George proved that real statesmen don’t stop fighting just because they don’t have a vote. They are passionate advocates for making the world a better place.

Jen Rumpca, Compliance Director: George McGovern has forever changed the Democratic party across the state and the country. He proved you could be successful with a grassroots organizing approach that has shaped campaigns to this day.

Zach Crago, Legislative Director: McGovern stands for integrity. With South Dakota values, McGovern took principled stances that cut against the conventional wisdom of the time, and history vindicated him again and again. He reminds me why it’s important to articulate your values and stick to your principles even when everyone around you thinks differently.

Abby Bischoff, Data & Design Director: George McGovern always showed kindness in his policies and in his life. With a warm smile and a firm handshake, you knew that who he was influenced what he did. The idea of legislating with kindness is one that more elected officials could use today.

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