Former SDGOP Chairman says “No Tax Dollars for ALEC Dues!”

Former South Dakota Republican Chairman Joel Rosenthal is joining South Dakota newspaper editorial boards, Argus Leader readers, and citizens across the state to say “No Tax Dollars for ALEC dues!” (What’s ALEC and why is it bad for South Dakota? Learn more from Rep. Peggy Gibson of Huron here.)

Here’s a quote from his blog post:

“… Now the GOP majority has extended travel and paying memberships to Legislative Associations. In the case of ALEC, they may have handed the Democrats a political issue. More importantly while they find they may have pulled a fast one on the South Dakota taxpayer (over a $50 annual membership) I question why would those that believe and espouse smaller government want to have the State pay for their non government partisan activity? ALEC may provide important conservative ideas, some of which I support but the State of South Dakota should not pay.” Joel Rosenthal, former South Dakota Republican Chairman, “Get Real”, South Dakota Straight Talk

Rosenthal’s comments prove a simple fact – using tax dollars for ALEC dues and travel is indefensible whether you’re a conservative, a moderate, or a liberal.

No matter what your politics, please join over 500 South Dakotans saying “No Tax Dollars for ALEC dues!” by signing our petition today. Your signature shows South Dakota legislators that this is an election year issue, and legislators who use tax dollars for ALEC dues will be held accountable in 2014. (Already signed? Please LIKE and SHARE this article on Facebook today.)

No Tax Dollars for ALEC Dues!

Send Republicans a message - No Tax Dollars for ALEC Dues! Sign the petition today.

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