Nine reasons to sign the petition: No Tax Dollars for ALEC dues.


That’s the number of Republican state legislators we know of who are attending the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Spring Task Force in Oklahoma City May 3-4, 2013, – just days after a new policy letting Republicans use tax dollars for ALEC dues and travel went into effect.

Whether it’s ignorance or arrogance that’s leading South Dakota Republican state legislators to brag about attending the ALEC Spring Task Force despite widespread public and editorial opposition matters less than the complete disregard these “fiscally responsible” Republicans are paying to South Dakota taxpayers who could be footing the bill.

We need to send a message right away to these nine Republicans and any other state legislators who may be using your tax dollars to pay for ALEC dues and travel: No tax dollars for ALEC dues!

Be a petition signer. Add your name to our petition today!

No Tax Dollars for ALEC Dues!

Send Republicans a message - No Tax Dollars for ALEC Dues! Sign the petition today.

Thank you for being a petition signer. TOTAL: 303 (Updated daily)

Lisa Heyn, Watertwon
James Heyn, Watertown
Virginia Harrington, Sioux Falls
Mary Allan Hamack, Sturgis
Gloria Kribell, Alcester
Noah Perez, Arlington
Roman Almanza, Edinburg
Joseph Jewell, Lake Elsinore
Karen Soli, Sioux Falls
Marion Sorlien, Viborg
J. Wells Volimas, Rapid City
Barbara Peterson, Sioux Falls
Tara Volesky, Sioux Falls
Jody Roose, Yankton
Justin Fuhs, Sioux Falls
Owen Reitzel, Arlington
Veronica Shriver, White
Scott Arens, Ann Arbor
Larry Lucas, Mission
Sandy Greenfield, Harrisburg
Dwite Krizan, Britton
Janice Krizan, Britton
Matt McGovern, Sioux Falls
Lori Christenson, Madison
Lisa Lynott-Carroll,  Wagner
Kelly Wismer, Britton
Amy Dunlavy, Aberdeen
Joy Baker, Miller
Rick Grosek, Sturgis
Sharon Doolittle, Sioux Falls
Lawrence Novotny, Brookings
Barb Douglas, Sioux Falls
Connie Irwin, Brookings
Ronald Fuchs, Sioux Falls
Mary Spartz, Labolt
Rosa Hawk, Oglala
Curtis Loesch, Huron
Joanne Schroeder, Watertown
Phyllis Cole-Dai, Brookings
Kerry Von Holtum, Sioux Falls
Mary Perpich, Brookings
Kevin Kohler, Brandon
Bev Millers, Sioux Falls
Carol Nelson, Davis
Larry Stroschein, Mansfield
Dennis Nemmers, Castlewood
James Wassom, Sioux Falls
Amy McIntyre, Greenfield
Joan Dodds, Dakota Dunes
Julius Larson, Yankton
Dean Chadwell, Alcester
Greg Michaelson, SIoux Falls
Gyla Jean Wills, Volga
Karen Dimick, Platte
Constance Kieso, Watertown
Steve Peters, Huron
Tracy Upton, Milbank
Bette Johnson, Brookings
Adam Lang, Mitchell
Wayne Faneburst, Sioux Falls
Ritchie Nordstrom, Rapid City
Wes Elliott, Aberdeen
Maggie Engler, Rapid City
Judi Woodward-Heiman, Sioux Falls
Willa Block, Rapid City
Mark Remily, Aberdeen
Frank Kloucek, Scotland
Ricky Thompson, Canton

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  • Joseph Jewell

    ALEC a 501(c) what a joke. If you don’t know what I’m talking about 501(c) is a non-profit because it’s non-political. But ALEC is anything but non-political. So South Dakota your nine Republican legislatures are giving your tax dollars to what I like to call a tax exempt lobbing group for corporations. You see these corporations save money when they use your tax dollars to lobby your state government to makes laws that make them more money because, they are robbing you. Hence the term Crony Capitalism.

  • TodayIwill

    To use public funds to engage in partisan political activities is a violation of our First Amendment rights and we all should be outraged! “We the people” have been guaranteed the right to free speech and freedom of association. Freedom of association is taken away when we are forced to financially support partisan political activities to which we are opposed. Give back the funds!

  • Prabin Shrestha

    I have been a lifelong Democrat and South Dakota resident for over 42 years. I am PROUD to be a Democrat even though I am in the minority and oftentimes find myself feeling frustrated and disgusted with the decisions made by our legislators in our state’s capital.

    This is the first time I have visited this website and I am amazed how much a person learns when they make a conscious effort to become informed on topics such as this. Before visiting this site, I was not aware of ALEC or that SD legislators were allocating tax dollars to cover membership dues and travel expenses relating to this organization. This behavior is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable in my mind!! To have South Dakota taxpayers pick up the tab for expenses that are clearly associated with a right-wing organization is ludicrous! And just to be clear, I would say the same if it were Democrats behaving this way. Representative Hawks explained it best when she pointed out that any membership dues, conference fees or travel expenses incurred because of a person’s CHOICE to belong to such an organization are the responsibility of that person – not the SD taxpayers.

    Truthfully, I am not surprised that this type of behavior is going on – largely because one party has TOTAL CONTROL at the state level and has had that control for many, many years. Absolute rule by any one party gives that party the idea that they can pass any agenda they wish without repercussions; and unfortunately, they are right. If South Dakotans and Americans, in general, would become more informed, and not fall victim to ignorance, things like this could be prevented. But when people go about their day, only concerned with their immediate environment, they allow this dishonest and reprehensible behavior to creep into our government. Then they wonder, after the fact, how things like this could have happened. I use to be one of those people — not anymore.

    Republicans…. you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Be certain that I will share this information with all of my friends and family, many of whom are Republican.

    We should not be leaving our Federal, State and Local governments to police themselves — because they won’t. They are like children… when left alone for long periods of time, they WILL get into trouble.