South Dakota Democratic Party & Partners File Initiated Measure to Raise the Minimum Wage

The South Dakota Democratic Party and its partners in the labor community have filed language with the Attorney General for an initiated measure to raise South Dakota’s minimum wage to $8.50 per hour with annual cost of living increases. Voters will have an opportunity to decide the outcome of the initiated measure during the 2014 general election if enough signatures are submitted by Nov. 4, 2013.

South Dakota Democratic Party interim Executive Director Zach Crago released the following statement:

“South Dakotans know our economy is stronger when we reward honest work with honest wages. Our local businesses grow from customers with more money in their pockets to spend on things they need. And working South Dakotans with honest wages depend less on government assistance. In short, raising South Dakota’s minimum wage is a step towards building an economy that works for everyone.”

South Dakota’s AFL-CIO President Mark Anderson released the following statement.

“South Dakotans believe in hard work. The South Dakota work ethic is just part of our DNA. But for many working South Dakotans, the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with the rising cost of housing, food, and gas. When CEO pay has never been higher, raising the minimum wage promotes fairness for working families who want a shot at the middle class.”

Teamsters Local 120 representative Brad Jenkins released the following statement:

“Raising South Dakota’s minimum wage is about working people standing with working people. Everyone wins when hard working people have a little more money to spend at local businesses that create jobs for our growing economy. We’re excited to be part of this effort to make South Dakota a land of opportunity for all working families.”

The South Dakota Democratic Party is organizing the minimum wage campaign with its partners including the South Dakota AFL-CIO and the South Dakota Teamsters. They welcome organizations, community leaders, political candidates of all parties, and all South Dakotans to join them by visiting

Petition circulation will begin after Attorney General Marty Jackley writes the Attorney General’s Explanation. State law requires any group filing an initiated measure for the 2014 general election to submit 15,855 valid signatures before November 4, 2013. A schedule of media events will be released once signature gathering begins.

To learn more about how to help raise South Dakota’s minimum wage, please visit



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