Democrats Beat Market Returns

The South Dakota Investment Council already is the envy of world – and it just lodged a 19.5% annual gain last year.

For that, we take another moment to thank Democrats, who under the leadership of Governor Dick Kneip, Lt. Governor Bill Dougherty, Senate leader Harvey Wollman, and a bipartisan group of forward thinking leaders in the 1970s created the South Dakota Retirement System & the state investment council, protecting state retirees to this day. (Seriously, read about it here.)

And that wasn’t the only thing Democrats in charge accomplished. They founded the Housing Development Authority, established  the four-year, degree-granting School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota, and created the first cabinet system in the Governor’s office.

That’s the kind of return on investment you get with Democrats in office. You can bet on that.

Gov. Harvey Wollman

(So, invest in us!

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