10 ways a #GOPShutdown would affect your life

Defund/Delay Obamacare or shutdown the government.

That’s the position House Republicans like Congresswoman Kristi Noem have staked over the weekend in what now looks like an increasingly likely forthcoming government shutdown. Let alone the fact that Noem has already requested Obamacare funds for a community health clinic in Rapid City and that 59% of Americans oppose defunding Obamacare if it means shutting down the government. Or that 69% of Americans think the GOP is acting like spoiled children.

What will Congresswoman Noem’s ideological/hypocritical GOP shutdown mean for South Dakotans?

CNN compiles 10 ways a GOP Shutdown would affect everyday life. And they aren’t all pretty…

And here’s five reasons why the GOP should not shut down the government.

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