POLL: Noem, GOP bad for country

According to a new CNN/ORC International survey, 54% of Americans say it’s a bad for the country that the GOP controls the House. (See full results here.)

We think South Dakotans agree that GOP Congresswoman Kristi Noem is part of the problem. She forced a government shutdown to defund the Affordable Care Act – an unpopular tea party position – and then after a 16 day without government services to help ranchers devastated by the early October blizzard, she voted to keep the government shutdown.

Need proof? Read these editorial from two South Dakota papers that endorsed Kristi Noem:

Mitchell Daily Republic:
OUR VIEW: Sorry, Kristi: On this one, you’re wrong
October 17th, 2013

“Mount Rushmore is reopening to visitors, but Kristi Noem wants it closed.
Farm Service Agency staffers are getting back to assisting farmers and ranchers, but Kristi Noem wants them to stop. National Guard employees are back on the job, but Kristi Noem wants them on unpaid furloughs. The U.S. Treasury can pay the government’s bills for another few months, but Kristi Noem wants the nation to default on its obligations. How else can we interpret the vote that Noem, a Republican, cast Wednesday night against a deal to end the federal government’s shutdown and avert a default on the government’s debt?”

Aberdeen American News:
Our Voice: Noem votes against best interests of South Dakota, nation
October 20th, 2013

“Mark this one down: When she had a chance to vote to restart government, avoid a devastating financial crisis and support her constituents, she said no. Noem chose to side with the political vultures and voted to bring her country to the brink of economic disaster.”

It’s going to take a lot of work to unseat Kristi Noem. But South Dakotans recognize we need a true leader in Congress. Will you do your part to send Noem home?

Send Noem Home

Congresswoman Kristi Noem wants to dismantle Medicare, gut food assistance for families, keep tax breaks for millionaires & billionaires. Be a volunteer to help Send Noem Home!
  • Please let us know what more you can do to help.

Kristi Noem

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