Rick Weiland Knows the Value of Retail

Speaking to a crowd of over 40 people at Northern State University on his 196th “Take it Back” Town Hall, Democratic US Senate candidate Rick Weiland knows the value of retail politics:

From the Aberdeen American News: “I’ve made this a challenge for myself and for my campaign,” he said, “Today, we started in Webster then Leola, Barnard, Mina, Frederick, Columbia, Westport and now Aberdeen, those are the kind of days we’re having,” Weiland said, stressing the importance of listening to the needs and concerns of the people.”

American News Photo by John Davis (October 30, 2013)

We’ll have a choice of visions in 2014 after Senator Tim Johnson retires from his seat. Do you want a Rick Weiland, who is looking out for real people, or Republican Mike Rounds, who looks out for special interests?

We’ll stick with Rick.

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