GRASSROOTS Training at State Central Committee Meeting

This Saturday, Democratic State Central Committee members will be meeting in Fort Pierre from 10am to 12pm at the AmericInn to discuss the events of the upcoming year. Those attending will be given the opportunity to meet with the Democratic candidate for Governor Joe Lowe, and to take part in an interactive brainstorming session called a KIVA.

The KIVA model allows for participants to discuss a prompt. The prompt this weekend will be orientated around strengthening our county parties during the beginning of the 2014. A group of six volunteers will be given the opportunity to talk about what we, as an organization, need to stop doing. Next, another group of volunteers will speak about what we need to keep doing, and finally a third group will speak about what we need to start doing. Each person will be limited to a small amount of speaking time in order to keep the discussion fluid. The panel will highlight the issues at hand, and after all three volunteer panels have spoken, everyone in the room will submit what course of action they believe we should take.

With the input of the attending members, we intend to construct a plan that empowers our grassroots county party leaders to lead Democrats on the road to victory in our local and statewide races in every corner of the state.

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