Hunhoff on REAL workforce development

Ahead of Governor Daugaard’s State of the State address, Rep. Bernie Hunhoff asks, what’s real workforce development? His answer is spot on.

‘Legislators are in Pierre. We open the session tomorrow with Gov. Daugaard’s speech. He wants a focus on workforce development, and I’m all in. Let’s start with prenatal care for at-risk unborns, pre-school, strong K-12 schools and more affordable college and tech school. Plus affordable and accessible health care. Maybe I’ll like this session after all? Yes, I know, I’m a hopeless optimist.’

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  • Pam Oberembt

    As an educator, I know that in every class I have taught there would not be success without first building the foundation of management. I had to start with fundamentals and build upon that – management first and then curriculum. How can we build a strong workforce in our state without first building the foundation? It isn’t logical. In addition, morally not taking care of our own just isn’t right.