Mitchell Daily Republic – OPINION: Don’t turn your back on working poor

Medicaid expansion found a strong ally this week from John T. Porter, CEO of Avera Health. His challenge in the Mitchell Daily Republic is powerful and worth the read in full:

“I challenge each of us to be a voice for those who need our support and ask for a plan to help our neighbors receive the health coverage and routine care they need. As a democracy, we have pledged to help those in need with social programs when we can best provide support. Expanding Medicaid is a prime way we can help the working poor in our communities live healthier lives.”

John T. Porter, CEO Avera Health

Ultimately, Republicans in Pierre aren’t going to budge on Medicaid expansion unless they feel enough public pressure to move on the issue. One way you can make a difference is by writing a letter to the editor calling on Governor Daugaard and the state legislature to expand Medicaid.

Will you be a voice for those who need our support?

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