A Great Start

As I wrap up my second full week with the South Dakota Democratic Party I am excited by the progress we have already made. We as a team have set aggressive but yet obtainable goals that will put the SDDP in a position to be of great assistance to Democrats up and down the ballot, while continuing to push for equality and raising the minimum wage.  

I will be working hard and putting in long hours making sure that the SDSDDP AwardDP will be competitive financially come fall of 2014, which is now only 9 months away!

An important aspect of our plan this year is to increase the number of people standing up for the ideals we as democrats share by giving monthly contributions to the South Dakota Democratic Party. Having a solid base of supporters who we can rely on to make sure our monthly needs are met allows us as a party to be aggressive in helping our candidates, our legislators, and the causes that we care deeply about. This program is called the Founders Club.

Founders Club members give a monthly recurring contribution to the SDDP, with the average monthly contribution being only $25. That’s the cost of one Starbucks coffee a week. Even I, as a member of the SDDP staff, have given up one McDonald’s meal a week to contribute to the success of our party! Just this past week alone we have had 11 new South Dakotans make a sustaining difference in our party by joining the Founders Club. It is easy to do just click on the Donate button and select recurring contribution or call me in the office at 605-271-5405 and I can help with your recurring contribution.

I look forward to increasing 11 new Founders Club members into 50 by the end of the month and I hope that you are one of them!

-Zach Nistler

PS. I have made it even easier to become a sustaining member to our party’s success by just scrolling down and join the Founders Club right now!

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